Cinderella: The Modern Version


In a bustling modern city lived a wealthy man, Thomas, with his cherished daughter, Emily, from his first marriage. Emily’s mother had passed away when she was just a child, leaving her with words of wisdom: to remain kind and true, promising that her spirit would watch over her. Emily cherished these words, carrying them in her heart as she grew into a compassionate and gentle teenager.

Thomas, seeking companionship and a mother figure for Emily, remarried a woman named Vanessa, who had two daughters, Ava and Zoe, from her previous relationship. On the surface, Vanessa and her daughters seemed like a perfect addition to their family, with their stylish looks and charming smiles. However, it didn’t take long for Emily to see the truth behind their façade: while they were externally beautiful, their hearts were filled with jealousy and cruelty.

As time passed, Emily found herself being increasingly sidelined in her own home. Vanessa and her daughters monopolized Thomas’s attention and resources, leaving Emily feeling like an outsider. The sisters relished in making Emily’s life miserable, assigning her chores around the house and excluding her from family outings with the excuse that she didn’t fit in with their high-class lifestyle. They mocked her, calling her “Plain Jane” for her simple appearance and compassionate nature, far removed from their obsession with looks and social status.

Emily, despite the unfair treatment, adhered to her late mother’s advice, keeping her kindness intact. She found solace in her small bedroom, surrounded by memories of her mother, and in the company of her books and the old guitar her mother had given her, which she played beautifully.

One summer, the local community announced a grand charity ball to raise funds for underprivileged children. It was to be a splendid event, attended by the city’s elite, with an open invitation to all young individuals who wanted to contribute to the cause. Ava and Zoe were thrilled at the prospect of attending, immediately planning their extravagant outfits and dreaming of being the center of attention.

When Emily expressed her desire to attend the ball, Vanessa scoffed, questioning what Emily could possibly wear to such an event and doubting her social skills. However, seeing Emily’s disappointment, Thomas intervened for the first time, insisting that Emily should also attend, much to Vanessa’s displeasure.

Left without support from her stepfamily, Emily decided to take matters into her own hands. Remembering her mother’s lessons on resourcefulness and strength, she designed her own dress, using her savings to buy materials. With the help of her friends from the community center where she volunteered, Emily created a beautiful, unique outfit that reflected her personality: simple yet elegant, with a touch of creativity that made it stand out.

On the night of the ball, Vanessa and her daughters left early, leaving Emily to make her own way there. Arriving at the ball, Emily felt nervous yet excited. The ballroom was filled with lights, music, and laughter, a stark contrast to the coldness she felt at home. To her surprise, Emily’s genuine charm and the story of her self-made dress caught the attention of many, including the event’s organizer, a young man named Lucas, who was deeply involved in charity work.

Lucas and Emily spent the evening talking about their shared passion for making a difference in the world, dancing together, and enjoying the company of someone who truly saw the other for who they were. As the night came to an end, Emily left the ball feeling a happiness she hadn’t felt in a long time, having made a genuine connection.

The next day, Emily’s story of kindness, creativity, and dedication to helping others became the talk of the town, overshadowing Vanessa and her daughters’ attempts to shine. Thomas, realizing the extent of the neglect and mistreatment Emily had endured, began to see his daughter in a new light. He took steps to mend their relationship, ensuring that Emily’s voice was heard and valued in their home.

Emily’s encounter with Lucas at the ball blossomed into a partnership in various community projects, allowing her to use her talents and compassion to help those in need. As for Vanessa and her daughters, they learned a valuable lesson about the importance of inner beauty and kindness, slowly beginning to change their ways and appreciate Emily’s presence in their lives.